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Increasing Your Chances of Finding Someone

Being single can get frustrating, a lot of people just give up on finding someone, but that is the opposite of what you should do to be successful. This week's free article at LDS Dimension has Dr. Randy Gilchrist giving some practical advice on how to improve your odds.

Blended Dating: A Year In Review

Often at the end of a year, people like to do a review of what they experienced, and I can think of no year more fitting to reflect on than this one. You see, one year ago today, 1/26, I met Caroline at a singles retreat at Bear Lake, Utah. Although a singles event, neither of us were there to meet people. Caroline came as a favor to a friend who was running the event, and I was in a place of introspection, and the theme about moving forward really spoke to me. I’ll go into more detail on how we ended up connecting and falling for each other another time, but needless to say we did. We bonded over mutual love for movies, food, and various activities, and eventually found ourselves only seein


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