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Positive Motivators to Date and Marry

Dating can be a frustrating experience, and all too often we can get fixated on the short term and want to give up, but what are some of the long-range motivators? This week at LDS Dimension Dr. Randy Gilchrist walks you through some things to keep in mind.

Sharing Across Families is Fun, Unless It’s the Flu

A recent challenge we’ve faced with blending our families is spreading illness across both our families. If you’re one of those people who brags about never getting sick, you don’t have children. And if you do have children, and never manage to catch one of the cold or flu strains they bring home from school, my hat’s off to you. I prided myself on rarely getting sick as well … until I had children and that drastically changed. Now I feel like no matter how much care I take to make healthy meals, make sure everyone gets plenty of exercise and sleep, and how often I tell the kids to wash their hands, an illness brought into our home often makes its way to multiple r family members. And now th

Dating Small Talk

The magic of dating small talk - how good are you at it? No matter how adept you think you are, you will learn some effective tips in this weeks free article at LDS Dimension from Dr. Randy Gilchrist.

Tips for Long Distance Relationships

What do you do when the dating pool in your geographic region is too shallow or fished out? You go long, which means a Long Distance Relationship (LDR), which presents its own set of challenges. In this weeks free article at LDS Dimension from Dr. Randy Gilchrist, he gives you practical advice on this scenario.

Avoiding Burnout in the Dating World

Are you running into dating burnout? Frankly, who hasn't at some point or another. This weeks free article at LDS Dimension has Dr. Randy Gilchrist providing some great ideas to keep on trucking.


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