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Move Better Pilates Salt Lake City: Improving Strength and Mobility

Whether you are a strong athlete or looking to overcome an injury or get back into shape, the Pilates method is a great method for anyone looking to build core strength, flexibility, and endurance. “It’s a great system that targets the core, which stabilizes your spine,” said Camilo Jimenez, owner of Move Better Pilates and Training Studio in Foothill Village. “Pilates also improves strength and mobility, including increasing the capacity of the joint to do the normal ranges of motion.” That capacity degrades over time through injury, exercising incorrectly, and even day-to-day living, Jimenez said. “In our group classes, we have sequences that are built to accommodate most needs,” he said.

Online Dating Profile Tips

If you're reading this, then you are involved in some level of online dating. This week at LDS Dimension, Dr. Randy Gilchrist gives you practical tips on constructing your online dating profile for maximum effect.

Game Playing in the Dating World

How to recognize and deal with game playing in dating. That's what Dr.Randy Gilchrist is talking about in this weeks free article at LDS Dimension.

Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive communication techniques are the topic this week from Dr. Randy Gilchrist at LDS Dimension. How to walk that line between aggressive and passive so that you clearly communicate with others. Read the article here!


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