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Stop Beating Yourself Up

Dating can be frustrating and all too often people will start to beat themselves up over the failures. Dr. Randy Gilchrist provides some practical tips and resources for dealing with this in his free article at LDS Dimension.

LDS Living: How Singles in the Church Are Changing the World for the Better

According to The Family: A Proclamation to the World, “Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan.” And yet, hundreds of thousands of Latter-day Saints now find themselves in a predicament few of them imagined: never married or divorced after what they expected would be an eternal marriage. Singlehood in a church so focused on eternal families poses an emotional challenge for those whose desires for an eternal marriage have been frustrated. This challenge is only aggravated by many raising children alone or losing full custody of their children, losing friends and family, losing their homes, re-entering the workforce, returning to school, facing immense financial strain,

When the Infatuation Leaves

What do you do when you've lost that loving feeling? Dr. Randy Gilchrist has some great suggestions in this weeks free article at LDS Dimension.

Your Ideal Weight?

One of the touchier topics out there is one about weight. Dr. Randy Gilchristgives you some practical advice on this thorny subject in this weeks free article at LDS Dimension.

Are You Comfortable Single?

Dating can be frustrating and sometimes people just resign themselves to being comfortable as a single, but is this really a good idea? See what Dr.Randy Gilchrist has to say in this weeks free article at LDS Dimension.


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