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Minky Couture Blankets Create a Tight-Knit Community

A Minky Couture blanket is a security blanket…and so much more. It is stitched with love, covered with kindness and has created an improbable business success for the company´s owner and the dozens of stay- at- home moms she employs to craft them. Sandi Hendry’s demeanor isn’t what you would expect from a woman with close to one hundred employees and 5 locations in Utah. She is calm, relaxed and warm. Also confident. She defied the standard logic saying that local manufacturing of textiles in the United States is all but impossible. At an early age, she knew she wanted to start a business, but her life took a more conventional route and she taught school for 30 years. But 10 years ago her li

Looking for the Best in Others

It's easy to complain and see fault in others, but it is healthier to look for the best. Our free article this week at LDS Dimension from Dr. Randy Gilchristhas some great tips on seeing the best.

Dealing with Differences

Men and women are fundamentally different, and if you assume their drives and thoughts are the same as yours, you will run into issues. That's not to say that men and women can't share many of the same interests and passions, and that is a very important part of a successful relationship. In this weeks free article at LDS Dimension from Dr. Randy Gilchrist, he talks about things to be aware of and has a great set of links back to previous articles that will provide you even more resources to be successful in your relationships.

Dating—Continuing to Try

Dating can be frustrating, a day doesn't go by when we don't hear people talk about giving up. In this weeks free article at LDS Dimension, Dr. Randy Gilchrist provides tips to keep you in the game and finding success.


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