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Dating Someone with Sensory Overload

Dating someone with sensory overload poses a set of challenges that I couldn’t have predicted, and although it has had moments of difficulties, I have found that it’s something that with some research, guidance from my girlfriend, and trial and error, can be managed and treated with respect. To begin, let’s give a brief overview of what sensory overload is. According to Healthline.com, “Sensory overload happens when you’re getting more input from your five senses than your brain can sort through and process.” That’s like saying Niagara Falls is liquid flowing over a ridge: sure, it is accurate on a rudimentary level, but truly doesn’t capture the essence of sensory overload. A more apt descr

What Men Want Women to Know About Men

Ladies, this week Dr. Randy Gilchrist is giving you a cheat sheet on what men what you to understand about them, please take a few minutes and read this important article at LDS Dimension.

Physical Attractiveness: A Mixed Message

This week, LDS Dimension presents the latest article by Dr. Randy Gilchristthat covers, what can be a thorny issue, attractiveness. This often gets exaggerated or understated in terms of importance, but there are simple realities to keep in mind

Marriage and Relationship Quotes

The free article this week at LDS Dimension from Dr. Randy Gilchrist has relationship and marriage advice from our General Authorities from over the years. Definitely worth a read.


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