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Agency and Marriage

Is there such a thing as a single soulmate? Many people seem to think it, but LDS church leadership says otherwise. Find out more about this kind of thinking from Dr. Randy Gilchrist in this weeks free article at LDS Dimension.

Sexual Hangups in Marriage

This is a topic that really can't be over discussed considering how much of a problem it is. Just recently I saw a young man say that you shouldn't even kiss until the wedding. Clearly, there is a lot of education that needs to happen.

Why Stay Active?

With an 85% inactivity rate among single adults in the church, we know it can be hard to stay active while single. In this week's free article from Dr.Randy Gilchrist at LDS Dimension, he gives you reasons to stay active that might not have occurred to you, check it out.


It's either happened to you, or you've done it to someone else - Ghosting. Dr. Randy Gilchrist has talked about this a lot with individuals and how to cope with it, how he has turned these discussions into a helpful free article at LDS Dimension.

Developing a Sense of Humor

It's a pretty well known fact that people like humor, having a good sense of humor is a great way to attract people. In this weeks free article at LDS Dimension, Dr. Randy Gilchrist will show you how to cultivate or develop a better sense of humor, make sure to give it a read.


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