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How to Raise Balanced Children

They argue that raising truly successful children who can create for themselves a life of connection and fulfillment means raising children who are not impulsively reactive but instead have the sense of balance, resilience, personal insight, and empathy for others to be receptive to the world around them. Opener Don't overschedule It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Limit screentime Research indicates that too much screentime has adverse affects on children's developing brains. I limit my children to know more than two hours of screentime a day, including phones, computers, and television. Negative behavior means curbed screentime rewards, particularly since the child might requ

Signs of Online Dating Scammers

Dating in modern times has a lot of useful tools, such as dating apps/sites and social media that will vastly increase the pool of people you can meet. The downside is that it is much easier to scam people online, so it is important to learn some skills to deal with it since running away and not engaging online just reduces your pool of people dramatically. Read the article here.

Having an Attractive Attitude

Part of making yourself attractive in the dating world is having an attractive attitude, no one likes a sourpuss or complainer. In this weeks free article at LDS Dimension, Dr. Randy Gilchrist gives some great practical advice.


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