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Explaining Baggage

A particular challenge of dating in and out of church circles is baggage. More specifically, deciding when and how to explain the particular

Being Healthy

It is hard to have a healthy, happy dating and married relationship if you yourself are not personally healthy. The goal of this article is to give you a review of several key elements to be personally healthy, happy, and ready to offer the best version of yourself to another. So, what are the important elements of yourself to work on? And how can you be personally healthy? Here are some ideas: Elements of Personal Health: Physical Health: basically, to be physically healthy involves giving regular attention to eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis, and developing a regular and adequate sleep schedule. Physical health also relates to keeping the Word of Wisdom in relation to avoi

Libido Problems in Marriage

In previous articles I have discussed sex life related topics for single members as an effort to help everyone in preparation for their future marriage. Why? Because sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction is a common, damaging problem and challenge among married couples in the church. I have discussed the common topic and challenge of sexual hangups (https://www.ldsdimension.com/articles/sexual-hangups-in-marriage-182/), sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction in marriage (https://www.ldsdimension.com/articles/sexual-dysfunction-in-marriage-40/), and a general two-part review of sex lives in general as well (https://www.ldsdimension.com/articles/sex-lives-in-marriage-28/ and https://www.ldsdi


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